NAS and SAN Storage Device Recovery

Before we understand Network Attached storage (NAS) and Storage Area Network (SAN) Device Recovery let us understand what exactly are the two. A Network Attached storage device is basically a storage device that operates on data files and connects using Ethernet TCP/IP. A Storage Area Network device on the other hand is network of devices that operate on disk blocks and connect using fibre channel interconnects.

Majority of the network storage systems have more than a single hard drive having their own operating system. The Storage area network can encompasses varied types of computer hardware that may include RAID systems as well as NAS devices. Due to the complex architecture, comprising of a number of elements, possibility of failure is high because failure can happen in any of the components.

The unexpected failure of any one of the drives can cause data loss or inaccessibility of the data. Hence it is of great importance that you back up your data regularly, because once failed, you will have a shell out a lot of dollars to get the data recovered.

Many people think that the complexity of recovering the SAS or NAS devices after a failure probably depends on the configuration of RAID or in the number of drives that are involved in the network. But it is not so. It is complex mainly because these devices use Linux-based file systems that are proprietary.

Due to the non-standard operating system, it is rather difficult to recover the data by yourself. You may have to contact a company that deals with NAS and SAN Storage Device Recovery. There are a couple of companies that can recover data from a NAS or SAN Storage Device if the failure is due to one of the following reasons.

  • Data loss due to Virus Attack
  • A failed operating system or software upgrade
  • A mechanical failure due to clicking or buzzing
  • System Crash
  • Multiple or Single Disk Failure
  • Deletion of data accidentally
  • Reformatting of NAS Volume
  • Physical damage due to smoke, water, fire and any other reason
  • Security system failure
  • Logical or Physical corruption caused due to a power surge

Ensure that you approach a company that has expertise in NAS, SAN and RAID recovery. You need skilled professionals and custom software to recover the device. Some of the companies that deal with the recovery only ask for the drives from the system. They do not require the controller or other hardware.