Gaming Console Advancements to Expect in 2018

Gaming consoles have come a long way from their predecessors such as the Sega Mega Drive or the Dreamcast. Graphics have hit near-reality levels, gameplay and interaction have become immersive, and the hardware is more powerful than ever. Year after year, console developers seek to outdo each other with some incredible innovations. This year, look out for;

Incredible graphics and immersion

With the invention of ultra-high definition 4K screens and cutting-edge graphics accelerators, 2018 will give rise to some of the most realistic games ever seen. Coupled with immersive storylines, tactile vibrating gaming pads, and high-quality sound systems, games this year promise to be some of the most impressive yet.

Facial recognition

With the advancements in 3D technology enabling 3D scanning, in-game avatars are set to go to the next level. Giving gamers the ability to have life-like avatars in-game and even hypothetically adjust game settings according to facial expressions.

Voice recognition

So far, you can turn a console on or off with voice commands but with advancements in both voice recognition software and hardware; this is set to be taken to a whole new level. The options of what you can do with voice commands are set to be expanded to make it virtually a conversation between you and your console.

Virtual reality

With the invention and leaps forward in the field of 3D glasses, gamers are likely to have a set tailored to gaming. This makes for a fuller 360 experience with richer texture and gameplay. Games this year promise to be the most immersive yet and tickle all the senses.

Gesture controls

The Nintendo Wii made gesture gaming popular a few years back, but with a 3D camera tracking pre-set hands, you will be able to couple controller gaming with hand gestures making the games much more realistic and immersive.

Incredible processing abilities

Consoles are already pretty formidable when it comes to their processor powers. This year, they promise to be even faster to seamlessly blend in-game world and lightning-fast loading speeds. Gone are the days of lags or poor rendering. This will also make consoles useful for other utilities such as seamless online gaming, streaming, and other processor centered activities. This is set to transform consoles from purely gaming machines to a useful tool in other areas of life.

These are but a few advancements to be expected in 2018!

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