10 Things Every Tech Lover Should Know About

Development is an inevitable part of the universe. And no one could ever dare stop it. It is the main reason we have managed to grow this far, and one of the most significant contributors is technology. Indeed, computers have played an essential role in this growth, with technology improving the human life, and more tech lovers coming up. If you’re a tech lover, therefore, you will agree with me that there is no limit as to what you can do. Precisely, it is like a manual where we get to know just how to do anything. So, what are some of the things that every tech lover should know about?

  1. How to Program Your Simple Scripts

While this might seem obvious, imagine if you could remotely access your PC or create some simple keyboard shortcuts? If you’re a tech lover, however, you probably already know how to. Precisely, this should be top among the easiest hacks you can perform comfortably.

  1. How to Squeeze More Power Out of Your Hardware

Apparently, with some tweaking, you can maximize on your hardware’s capacity and get some pretty cool add-ons. When it comes to your PC, you can overclock the processor and video card to enjoy an incredible speed. As a tech lover, therefore, every opportunity that comes by should be explored.

  1. How to Use a Protocol Analyzer

While this may sound a bit complicated, it actually isn’t. Because literally, everything is networked in a particular way, and knowing what actually makes the networks tick can be amazingly useful for you. In fact, understanding what goes over the wire is arguably much more useful for every tech lover. Besides, it’s actually fun. So why not go ahead and try it?

  1. Running Basic Linux Tactics

With this, learn a few Linux basics even if you don’t want to switch operating systems. For instance, troubleshooting your machine, reviving an old and slow PC, or some Linux-based DIY projects. Besides, it can be quite enjoyable once you get into it.

  1. Keyboard Shortcuts

There are some specific essential keyboard shortcuts that everyone should learn. But being a tech lover, you should go ahead and create yours.

  1. How to Crack Passwords to Protect Yours

Everyone should know how to create a secure password, but computer geeks should know how to crack them to protect themselves.

  1. Know Every Hidden Feature in Your Computer

Indeed, every operating system has some hidden features. But being a geek, you ought to know where to look to unmask some of the hidden great features.

  1. Running Everything on a Schedule

Often, our machines will need some maintenance. But while the regular person has to wait for a notification to do it, you should set a timer for the same. In fact, it’s one of the best hacks you’ve probably forgotten about.

  1. New Uses for the Programs You Already Have

Chances are, you’ve probably already found some excellent tools and added them to your arsenal, but most programs can be used for more than just their intended purposes. You of all people should know this better.

  1. Use the Command Cords like a Pro

Using these commands isn’t as exciting as it looks in the movies, but it can be a handy tool. Besides, it is easy to learn.

Finally, everyone who has put faith in technology has always gained positive results. Today, it has become the second memory of the human brain. Thus no matter what, and how much data you want to secure or access, you can surely do it with technology. So why not give it a shot too and see what you can achieve?

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